If you’ve been interested in giving Atlas Reactor a try, there’s some good news headed your way. Their otherwise closed beta will be having an open weekend starting tomorrow and lasting until Sunday. The developers over at Trion Worlds, Inc are encouraging players who have been in the closed beta to invite their friends and teach them how to play.

Atlas Reactor

So if you’re interested in joining the beta, and want to start playing as soon as tomorrow, head here!

Atlas Reactor is no doubt a game of tactics, as you charge around in a vibrant colorful world taking positions and choosing from one of four actions at any given moment to determine the flow of battle. Turns are simultaneous, with decisions taking 20 seconds before you move into “resolution mode” where you deliver decisive action in order to further progress towards your goals. The game boasts a flow of combat where despite its strategy elements, will have all players active at all times, rather than waiting around for opponents turns to play out. Atlas Reactor is brought to you by the developers of such titles as Rift and Defiance. For more on the development of the game and news as its available, visit the Atlas Reactor website.



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