Riot Games is so dedicated to their League of Legends Community that they will answer any and all questions they have. So they do a Q&A session called “Ask Riot,” in which they go in-depth about the questions their community has, and then explain why they do what they do. These questions often speak to the heart of the game, so it’s very insightful to see how Riot Games responds.

In their latest Q&A, even more great questions were answered. For example, one was about why new champions are already in Ranked Mode even though they just came out. For the players, this can be a major problem, especially since Ranked Mode matches really matter, and going in cold with a new champion can be costly. Riot Games responded by noting that any delay with the character in Ranked Mode can seem like an eternity to those who primarily do Ranked Mode. However, they are hoping that the upcoming Practice Mode will help gives players an opportunity to get familiar with new champions without having to try them out in Ranked. Also though, they are considering putting in a small restriction so players have to play as a new champion in another mode before going into Ranked Mode with it.

League of Legends

Another question was about the information displayed on the loading screens. Specifically, players wondered why they can only see certain information about their rival teams and not all of them. Riot Games responded that seeing all the information about a team can unintentionally affect how you play a match. Especially if you feel that the team you are facing is much greater than you. Even slight feelings of inferiority can hurt your team, and they don’t want that. Thus, they limit how much you see, so it’s a fair fight more-or-less going in.

Be sure to check out the other questions, because one of your burning League of Legends questions might be answered. And if not, don’t be afraid to ask Riot Games a question.


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