Max Lancaster, an Associate Producer for ArtCraft Entertainment and the upcoming sandbox MMORPG Crowfall, took to the web today to tease a bit of information about the game’s construction mechanics. Players who have already participated in the game’s playtests have seen the in-game keeps that players will have to defend to maintain control. Lancaster provided some details on how exactly players will be able to build those keeps, and other structures, in the first place.

Crowfall Hungry Spawners

A nascent building is called a hungry spawner among the Crowfall crew. These are objects that exist in the world that players can interact with. Any hungry spawner has three stages. Its initial stage is foundation, which is how players will find it. If they, and the other members of their faction, are able to secure adequate resources and deliver them to the hungry spawner, it will advance to the construction stage. From there, more work will have to be done, and more resources gathered, before the building will reach the completed stage.


But, as Lancaster points out, the points of resources will be hotly contested. Players will have to fight for control of these resource points in order to make any progress on buildings in the area. This is just one of the ways that players from other factions in Crowfall will be able to interact competitively with one another.

From the way it sounds, these keeps and other buildings can be destroyed, but they can also be rebuilt. According to the development team, constructing keeps, as well as defending them, are activities best done with friends. The post also promises an update on what keep siege mechanics will be like, coming soon, along with a test campaign.

Crowfall is an upcoming MMO sandbox game with RPG and RTS elements. The game’s Kickstarter campaign started with a goal of $800,000, and achieved over $1.7 million. Since then, according to the game’s official site, it has reached total funding of over $11 million.



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