Nintendo has revealed quite a few new details on their upcoming fighting game, ARMS. This motion controlled dedicated fighter is shaping up to be the Switch’s Splatoon, with an interesting emphasis on varying casual and competitive modes.

Those who want a traditional ranked experience will be able to have just that in this new title. Interestingly enough, any players interested in playing Ranked can play matches in Grand Prix or Versus Mode while they wait for the matchmaking to go through.

Numerous characters were announced including Barq and Byte, some robotic cops, Kid Cobra, a snake-like fight seeking notoriety, and Twintelle, a celebrity with hilariously large pigtails who is as ready for action as a hair fist wielding diva could be.

We also got some interesting insights into what some of the other modes of the game include, such as the ability to participate in party battles, as well as online lobbies of up to 20 players, in team battles, interesting mini-games, and much more.

Finally, we received news about the upcoming TestPunch that Nintendo has already launched the client for. This will be the ultimate try before you buy experience for all of those eagerly anticipating the upcoming ARMS. The tests will start for Switch owners next Friday, and will afford us the opportunity to battle it out online around the world.

These are some interesting announcements no doubt, and are likely another precursor to Nintendo’s pursuit of a bigger E3 this year, in which numerous announcements about upcoming Switch titles are to be made. It’s good to see them already getting everyone on the hype train.


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