Armored Warfare: Update 0.19 Preview

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Obsidian Entertainment is working really hard to balance and update Armored Warfare regularly, and the newest update is 0.19, and we just got a preview of it.

Update 0.19 comes with the long awaited Balance 2.0 change, which is a global change that affects most major mechanisms in Armored Warfare to try to improve the gameplay as much as possible. A new Global Operations map, two brand new PvE missions, and a high number of tree gap-filling vehicles, all of these are also coming in the update, which makes Update 0.19 the biggest Armored Warfare update yet.

Main features of 0.19

The main features of Update 0.19 are the following: Balance 2.0, Barren Divide Global Operations Map, Canyon PvP Map, Raiding Party PvE Mission, Watchdog PvE Mission, Skirmish Feature.

Balance 2.0 aims to solve some problems concerning high Tier gameplay and it’s also trying to lighten the power creep between each tier in the game. The other part of Balance 2.0 will try to correct and redo core gameplay mechanics ( damage mechanics, class abilities, retrofits, upgrades, and crew skills) to make sure that everything is balanced. Click here to learn more about Balance 2.0.

Barren Divide Global Operations Map is an 1800×1800 map, completely new, and it has light rolling terrains and it borders an urban area ravaged by conflict.

Players will attempt to take command from TRF, who have taken full control of the region, and try to restore order, if possible.

New PvP Map “Canyon”  is a working chemical plant in the Mojave Desert that two forces will fight over.

There are toxic spills in the area and many of the factory’s sections have been damaged, but it’s still a valuable target.

New PvE Mission “Raiding Party”  puts you in a rare earth mining facility, where you have to infiltrate the premises that have been overrun by infamous military contractors called the Lang Qun.

Players will have to stop the facility from opening to prevent large supplies of new resources from going to your enemy.

New PvE Mission “Watchdog” Sends you to a local city that’s being besieged by the enemy with long-range bombardments.

The local military resistance managed to slow down enemy advancements but they are now on the border, waiting for a chance to attack. Players need to drive out the enemy as soon as possible.

The Skirmish Feature  was implemented to help players that can’t find matches larger than 5v5, so they get placed into new 3v3 or 5v5 Skirmish matches on smaller versions of Cold Strike, Cerberus, Reactor, and the Pipelines map.

The 0.19 Update certainly brings a lot of features and changes to Armored Warfare, which will definitely help the gameplay a lot, and new content is there to make sure the players are never bored.

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