ARK: Survival Evolved is an action-packed survival game.The game is on early-access and can be played via Steam

Stranded on a strange island called ARK, you must survive the weather, hunger, dinosaurs and other primeval creatures roaming the land. Hunting animals, crafting gear, harvesting goods and building a home are your everyday tasks that you are forced to complete if you want to survive.

Primitive+ is now available to play in the ‘ARK Official Mods Program’, and it’s a DLC developed by Cedric Burkes. It is playable as a mod on all Official ARK Maps and challenges players by altering the accessible tools, weapons, and structures in the game.It shows what humans could create using could realistically create using fundamental technology and resources.


With the release of Primitive+, The Center has gotten a large expansion! The Center includes new islands, caves, and an all new boss arena for survivors to explore, as well as new creatures to hunt and tame!


A new mount is also added in this patch, and its name is Pelagornis. Pelagornis is one of the most flexible mounts considering that it can swim, walk and even fly! Only one downside to Pelagornis, she can’t snatch any prey.


That’s it for this patch, if you want to find out about more changes in this patch visit their official post.

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