Defiance Game Studio’s indie open world game Archmage Rises is now available on Steam Greenlight for your votes. Archmage Rises is a roguelike open-world RPG being developed by Defiance Game Studio, a new small independent game company. It is stated for a Q1 2017 release.

It’s an RPG inside a world simulation which gives players a lot of freedom. You will have the leisure to craft your own story and make your own objectives and goals. Archmage will have over 144 beginnings in the story driven character branch. The whole idea of the game is to have a fantasy world with endless possibilities. The developers have done away with running around in a 3d world, but making a game where the decisions will dictate the game giving players immense replaybility. Set in the magical world of Vaelun, you start as a character of age 16, driven away from home. Archmage rises will also feature a natural life cycle where you grow old and die after a course of time in-game. The game will give the player access to several skills along with a turn based combat system where premadeath would be persistent and no respawn would be available.

The game concept sounds brilliant and no doubt it would tear through early access on Steam. But definitely we would have to wait and see how they execute the idea, having so many endings would need a lot of work on the storyline.


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