ArcheAge is a free to play fantasy MMORPG mostly known for the insane number of classes. In ArcheAge players can master up to 120 classes! The game is developed by XLGAMES and published by multiple publishers over the world. Tencent for China, Trion Worlds for North America and Europe, and finally for Russia.

The publisher in Russia,, just announced that patch notes for 3.0 are being prepared from November 14th to November 15th. Players will be able to view the changes on the public test server of the Russian version of the game. They noted that players are encouraged to check server and client stability, detect critical problems and error localization.

4db0749c28becebccd2551b2e598064eAccording to our translation, the Public Test Server will grant players some pretty good items:

  •  Each player will be receiving 5000 RR on the account after entering the Players Test Server.
  •  When creating a character issued 1,000 gold stars.

Some of the items that the gold stars bring along are:

  • Two-story house with the lab in the attic
  • A two-story house with a studio in the attic
  • A two-story house with a commercial warehouse in the attic
  • Elixir of honor
  • Alloy elements
  • Badge x200
  • Nourish Scioli
  • Rare stone travels
  • Delphic star

These are the upcoming features, according to our translation attempts of the Russian post from




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