ArcheAge Offers New Blossom Garb

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Sometimes, you just have to go for style points. It’s just a fact. After all, if you do something with bland attire or intentions, how is anyone going to remember you? That’s the beauty of MMOs, you can customize your character with garb that’ll ensure no one misses you as you walk by. ArcheAge is take that to a new level with some of their newest outfits.

Behold! The Blossom Garb. These very intricate pieces of cloth and fabric were once reserved for only the wealthiest of Erenor’s merchants. But, can now be retrieved and worn by anyone who desires to wear it.

Yes, the Blossom Garb is now available in the ArcheAge Marketplace. Each of these elegant pieces come in unique colors depending on where they are obtained, meaning that you can even choose which one looks best on you by simply going to other markets and seeing what their color combinations are. You can see some examples of the Blossom Garb below.


ArcheAge Blossom Garb

Now, as this is part of the ArcheAge marketplace, you’ll obviously have to purchase it, but the garb isn’t the only new thing on sale as you’ll see below.

For example, everyone will be able to purchase the  Spring Blossom Garb for 2350 Credits. The Spring garb features light pink and deep purple hues.

Now, for Legacy players, they’ll be able to get the Legacy Firework Blossom Crate for 420 Credits.  This supply crate can offer up regrade points, lunarite, and consumable candies. Not only that though, there’s a rare chance to offer a Firework Blossom Garb, Storage Silo Design, or Sapphire Solarium design. So if you’re feeling lucky, try it out.

A new Loyalty items is also available in the Evening Blossom Garb, which can be gotten for 400 Loyalty Tokens. This one has cool blue and aqua tones.

Then, for solely Fresh Start players, you can get the Firework Blossom Garb for 400 Loyalty Tokens. This brilliant garment has dramatic red and gold colors.

So, if you’re looking to get some eyes on you, head over to the ArcheAge marketplace and get you one of the magnificent Blossom Garbs.

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