Archeage just got some new supply crates in for this week. In this week’s crates, players are getting tons of new stuff, from credit items to loyalty items. Besides the new supply crates, coming with this update is the ability for Fresh Start servers to get their teleportation on with the arrival of the Goblin Glider, while Legacy Server players can befriend their new bear combat pets, Crater Cubs.

First off, let us talk about the new credit items coming for the legacy servers. Volcanic Archeum Supply Crate is a new crate that is coming for the legacy servers and it costs 490 credits. From this crate, you can get some great things such as the new and rare Crate Cub combat pet with plenty of other items. Besides that, there are the common drops which are easy to get. Those are mostly combat scrolls(Lightning, Focus, Resilience, Toughness, Penetration, and Breakthrough) and  Clear Synthium Shards. Next up are uncommon drops, the Archeum Crystals, Experience Grimoires, Greedy Grimoires, Fire and Wave Lunarites, Majestic Tree, Mining Drill, Superior Fire and Wave Lunarites, Red Regrade Charm, and Vivid Synthium Shards. The rare and very rare drops you can see by visiting the update notes here.

Then comes the credit items for Archeage’s Fresh Start servers. The new Goblin Glider Crate is coming along with the rest of the credit items for 490 credits. The Goblin Glider Crate is named after the highly anticipated Wrapped Goblin Glider along with other cool stuff. This Wrapped Goblin Glider is tradable so if it ever gets boring or you just need some quick cash you can trade it to your friends or sell it on the auction house. This crate also offers a list of things which you can check out over at the official post.

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