ArcheAge – New Successor Levels and Skill Upgrades

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ArcheAge is a major MMORPG title that has been around for quite a while now. It now seems that players will be able to start leveling again, after reaching the current level cap that is 55.

A new post has arrived on the Korean official page of ArcheAge by XLGAMES. The post is a little complex, but we attempted to interpret the important parts with various translation methods. The biggest topic discussed in the post, is the arrival of so-called Successor Levels. A total of 7 successor levels will be added, that will be available once you hit level 55. To progress through these levels, you will need to grind up tons of experience and certain required items are needed as well.

ArcheAge_successorlevels-MMOExaminerTo give you a better picture, in order to reach Successor Level 1, you will need a total of 3,777,158 xp and 8 items. Your Successor Level will be indicated above your health bar, as you can see to the right. If our translations are right, with roughly 2 days of daily quests and hunting, you will be able to gain a Successor level. According to the official post, “….each time you raise the successor level, you can continue to grow to the next level using the necessary items.”

The Successor Levels also bring something rather fascinating, and a way to further personalize your character in ArcheAge. According to the post, you will basically be able to add attributes to existing skills, and obtain a powered up version of them, as the images indicate below.


This is evidently a great way for players to finally build distinct characters that are less predictable in PvP, and also allow you to focus on skills that you truly prefer. Besides these changes, the developer also plans to decrease the experience required to level from 50-55 by 30%. You can see the new XP amounts on the image below.

Leveling from 50-55 can take a while if you are not burning Labor, so this change will surely favor new players in ArcheAge. Some further details can be found  in the official post, so be sure to check it out.

These new updates coming to ArchAge look quite impressing, and we really hope that they will also be implemented to the EU and NA version of the MMORPG published by Trion Worlds. Update 3.0 recently arrived with the 2 new races and Fresh servers, and regardless of the server downtimes and bugs, the game is rather popular.

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