Activewear just keeps getting trendier. In advance of the Revelation update, Trion is giving ArcheAge players the ability to claim new special items weekly.

Activate Your Activewear

All week, players can visit Orchidna’s Throne in-game to receive a┬áredemption code for the new Lucky New Year Activewear. This should surely make meeting those New Years’ resolutions a good deal easier and stylish.

ArcheAge Activewear

ArcheAge Revelation Launches This December

Revelation is set to launch December 10, 2016, and it looks like it will be a pretty major update. New races, new residence and family leveling systems, an enhancement on skill trees called Abyssal Power, and a new confrontation with the Thunderwing Titan should make for fresh and exciting gameplay.

In addition to the weekly special items, ArcheAge is hosting special limited time events leading up to the Revelation launch. From November 9 to November 16, a special Bonus Regrade Event means players can get a special 1.5x success chance on regrades, but only on quality as high as Unique. In addition, regrade will not destroy items of Celestial quality during the special event.

If that’s not enough, leading up to the Revelation launch, there’s also a Bonus Loyalty Event, and special daily quests. Trion has also posted a number of in-depth articles about the development of Revelation, featuring concept art and a Q/A session with some of the designers. Full details are available here.

ArcheAge Revelation concept art

ArcheAge is a free-to-play MMORPG with in-game purchases, originally developed by XL Games and published for NA/EU by Trion Worlds.

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