Heroes of the Storm is introducing a new Open Division, offering anybody the chance to earn a place in the professional HGC league. Teams will compete for the chance to square off against the bottom two HGC teams for their spots in the professional league.

Heroes of the Storm Open Division

To enter Open Division, players first have to organize themselves in teams of five. Individuals or groups less than a full team cannot qualify. The teams will compete regionally, in tournaments hosted by GosuGamers, to earn points. These points will be on display for all to see, via

The 16 Heroes of the Storm teams that earn the most points regionally will be entered into single-elimination playoffs, where they will compete for the chance to battle one of the HGC teams.

Those matches will take place in The Crucible, where the top two teams of the playoffs can challenge the bottom two teams in the HGC for their coveted spots in the competitive league. The Open Division games will be streamed live via the streams of the game’s casters. In North America, that means SolidJake and JHow, while in Europe, streams will be via Grubby and Tetcher.

heroes of the storm

The initial matches for Open Division will begin as early as January 16th in Europe. North American will start soon after, with matches beginning on January 23rd. Teams interested in participating in Open Division must sign up through GosuGamer’s portal for either North America or Europe.

Open Division could be a big deal for one or two Heroes of the Storm teams who make it to the Crucible, but it also puts the bottom two HGC teams in a worrisome position to lose their spot in the professional league. Stay tuned to find out what happens.


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