Ryze got quite a few reworks and updates in his time. The main question now, is this the final one?

This time, his base abilities weren’t changed too much, but his ult is something completely new. But let’s start from the beginning. His passive is now the skill that makes his spells scale with bonus mana, and it also increases his maximum based on his AP. Overload, the Q, is still a skill shot nuke with a medium range. Unlike before, where his Q lowered the cooldown of other spells, they now lower the cooldown of his Q, making his damage combos quite devastating. You also start charging a Rune and casting other abilities after that fully charges the Rune. Hitting an enemy with the Rune charged gives you a brief shield and a move speed boost.


The W, Rune Prison, stays the same point-and-click root. Now his new E is where things get interesting. You cast it on an enemy and mark it with Flux. Targets marked with Flux have unique interactions with all his abilities, except his ult. Overload will deal bonus damage and will bounce to other targets that have also been marked with Flux. Casting Rune Prison will make the spell last twice as long, which is good at keeping bruisers and assassins at bay. If you cast E on an already marked target, it will simply apply to all nearby enemies. As for the ultimate, it’s pretty much a Twisted Fate ult, but you can take your whole team with you!



A detailed look at the combos and videos are available here!



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