Fans of Allods Online should be pleased to know that the free to play Fantasy MMO is receiving a massive overhaul in the form of a huge global update. This update, titled, “New Order” will introduce many new features, as well as alterations to a lot of the pre-existing features. With this, comes a brand new trailer!


Aside from a brand new storyline and new expansive locations, the likes of which would appeal to any long time fan, there are also major changes to each class. This varies from what they use to execute class exclusive moves, to how they gather those resources.

Aside from class changes, Allods Online New Order still even more features have been added and changed. The maximum level for instance, is
Allods Onlinenow seventy. This level cap increase will likely pave the way for even more powerful enemies.

The equipment system has also been changed, with the glyphs and enchantments being removed in favor of weapons
being ready when you retrieve them from enemies, or crafted.

Some things have just been removed, such as Wildshore, Draconic aspect, and Melting Isle.

Lastly, with this news comes the new raid known as Fractal. While not much information on it has been given, know that the enemies with this raid will likely be stronger than any faced before.


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