Allods Online is an MMORPG that has you exploring mysteries across space and time, as well as delving into the mysteries of two factions that are at war. Furthermore, there’s the realm of the Astral, where both treasures and monsters await. More than that though, this game is a mixture of genres, as both science and magic come in full play. Which is proven by their latest update, the magic lamp.

Yes, the magic lamp, the ancient item that is said to grant wishes is once again back in Allods Online. The lamp gives you something that you’ll appreciate in the game, a percentage bonus to Premium Crystals. While it may seem small in context to the stories of the lamp, this bonus can help players obtain special items from the boutique that they didn’t have access to before because of low funds. This includes: special mounts, valuable outfits, powerful elixirs, and astral equipment to improve your ship.

Allods Online Lamp

In order to obtain the lamp, all you have to do apparently is go in game, go to your postal worker (yes, they exist here), and go check your mail. The lamp will be available as a gift to all players above level 4, then clicking the icon in your bag will activate it.

Now, to be clear, the percentage bonus on your crystals will only work BEFORE you go to top off your account. So activate the lamp, THEN go get more crystals, and you’ll get the bonus. Furthermore, much like the classic magic lamp, you’ll get three chances to use the bonus to its fullest, so be careful when you use it, no takebacks or freebies!

So if you’re looking to increase your crystal trove, head on back into Allods Online, and go get your wish granted!


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