Elyos_Ranger1024x768Great news for all Aion players!

As it seems, Aion is offering Ailu transformation candies for only 1 NCoin. That is really something because their usual price is 48 NCoins. This offer is on until June 1st, 2016, so don’t waste your precious time and go grab a few of those for yourself while you still can.


Additionally, Aion is having a so-called All Dolled Up event. From what we’ve seen The Nesting Doll Brothers are gathering in capital cities to give all players a chance to receive wonderful prizes. There are a few¬†ways for you to get them.


The first one is to open Nesting Dolls until you get +10. When you reach +10 next opening will provide you with a luxurious prize. You’ll get Nesting Doll each hour you are logged in the game or you can receive it from the First Nesting Doll Brother.

The second way is to collect 10¬†Broken Nesting Doll pieces. Give them to the Second Nesting Doll brother and in return, he’ll give you one +1 Nesting Doll. You can get broken Nesting Dolls only when the Nesting Dolls explode before reaching +10.

The important thing to know is that in case your Nesting Doll fails to reveal the next doll at any given time, but before +10 , you’ll be given various prizes and one Broken Nesting Doll.


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