An update to MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY in Japan introduces fan favorite Aerith Gainsborough from FINAL FANTASY VII as a limited job.

Released on Steam globally last week, MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY has proven to be popular enough on PC, Android, and iOS. The mobile game is becoming increasingly popular in the West, but it has been strong in Japan since its release in 2015. To no one’s surprise, the Japanese version is miles away when it comes to updates and today they received one more patch with exciting new content.


Available since February 16 at midnight (JST), the second part of Fatal Calling gives players the opportunity to play with a limited job based on Aerith Gainsborough, the most beloved character from FINAL FANTASY VII. Available until February 22, the “Midgar Flower Seller” (according to our translators) card is both a supporter and attacker with a multi-focused ultimate attack which gives full HP recovery on top of a plethora of useful buffs.

Additionally, a collection of cards based on FINAL FANTASY┬áVII characters are available, including ultimates for Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, and Aerith herself. Aerith’s card provides several buffs when cast. The job and additional cards can be acquired at the limited summoning option until February 22.

MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY is a spin-off of the long-running JRPG franchise developed primarily for mobile devices. We recently reviewed the PC version, which provides 4k resolution and 60 frames per second, taking the mobile experience to the next level with gorgeous graphics and fluid gameplay. Despite a rough start, the game is now stable and quickly captivating an audience. Furthermore, MOBIUS is available on Android and iOS and it’s free of charge for all three platforms.

There are still no details on when the limited job based on Aerith will be available in the global version of the game.


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