Everyone has a different childhood favorite RPG. When Square Enix is mentioned, some will recall Super Mario RPG. Others may recall Dragon Quest or Chrono Trigger. Of course, some may think of Final Fantasy and others of its spin-off series known simply as “Mana” and its many titles. Adventures Of Mana is the first of these games, and its launch revolutionized the RPG genre by giving it a more real-time approach.

It is because of this critical acclaim, that Adventures Of Mana is back on PS Vita. This 3D remake captures the essence of this childhood classic, with updated art in a fully 3D world.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SumzrIh3ykE[/embedyt]

Those with more high-end smart devices ought to consider spending the ten dollars to get your hands on this classic gem. With new updated UI and interesting dialogue and combat alike, few games can achieve what Mana has over the years. Is that to be expected by now? The only company to truly revolutionize the RPG market on this scale is Square Enix.

Enjoy Adventures of Mana which is now available on PS Vita, Android Devices, and IOS. Hopefully there will be a few more remakes in this series’ future. Check out the website here!

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