Adventure Quest

In MMOs, MMORPGs, and frankly, just regular RPGs, there’s a common universal problem that usually arises eventually. Inventory space. What does that mean? Well, over the course of numerous quests, stores, battles both planned and random, you get a lot of stuff. So, your inventory fills up quick. Adventure Quest had that problem recently, but now the game has a way to fix it.

They have introduced a bank where you can put items you don’t want to hold onto, but don’t want to sell or get rid of for whatever reason. In fact, the request for more inventory space was one of, if not the, biggest fan request made since the recent upgrade. Even the team were surprised by how quickly everyone wanted more space. Thus, the team behind Adventure Quest put their own projects or pursuits aside to make Version 1.0 of the bank, which is now available for you in Battleon.

Every player will have access to the Bank, and will get one vault tab for free. Now, in Normal Vaults you will have 30 item slots for one singular tab, whereas Guardian Vaults will have 40 item slots per tab, and Dragon Guardian Vaults will have 50 item slots per tab.

As of this moment, you can have a maximum of 7 vaults, which if you think about it, is a lot of items to have if you need that many vaults. Each additional vault currently costs 900 Dragon Crystals. The Bank itself will be located in Battleon, near Warlic’s Magic Shoppe. The team is still testing out the banks a bit, but, it should only be another week before you can test it out in full for yourselves.


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