The Watchmaker

New Kickstarter projects often bring new concepts or ideas to the table, and this goes especially for video game projects. For example, take The Watchmaker, an action puzzle game made on the Unreal Engine 4 that has you trying not only to fix a large clock you happen to be trapped in, but racing against time itself so that you don’t age out of existence. It’s this kind of simplicity and creativity that makes Kickstarter projects inspiring to others.

You’ll play as Alexander, a man who loves to fix clocks. Specifically, he loves fixing an enormous clock tower. So much so that he spends every single day going to it and adjusting things so that it will work perfectly all the time. However, one day, someone calls out to Alexander and warns him that his precious tower has been sabotaged, and because of it, time is out of wack. What’s worse, this has caused Alexander to start aging rapidly. Now, he must find out what’s going on, who sabotaged the tower, and figure out how to fix it before he dies.

One of the strongest aspects of The Watchmaker is the Steampunk setting. In fact, Alexander has to solve puzzles using a very special magnetic glove. The tower itself is filled with Steampunk references, so anyone interested in that sort of aesthetic will be thrilled. In addition to that, there are some very interesting characters you’ll meet along the way, and enemies you’ll need to avoid and defeat.

Even the music of the game has a role to play. As Alexander ages, the music gets slower, and serves as a warning to players that time is literally running out.

The team at Micropsia Games is seeking $30,000 to make The Watchmaker happen, and the project will be up until May 5th. So, if this seems like something you’d like to play, you might want to think about supporting it.


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