Neople’s anime-style side-scrolling action MMORPG, Dungeon Fighter Online, can now be downloaded and played on Steam.

DFO - Steam Launch

Dungeon Fighter Online features over 40 class specializations to choose from, ensuring players will discover a class that suits their playstyle. The variety of classes also largely contributes to the replayability of the game. Each class is unique enough to justify players creating multiple characters.

While Dungeon Fighter Online’s wide selection of classes is impressive, perhaps its most notable characteristic is its thrilling combat sequences. Players are able to unleash deadly skills and chain together massive combos which are both spectacular to watch, and leaves a feeling of satisfaction afterwards.

DFO - Hit Combo

Simple combos are easy to execute, but learning the more complex ones requires both dedication and time. Dungeon Fighter Online necessitates skillful play for end-game content, a requirement that can be intimidating at first, but is later appreciated because it delivers a more rewarding experience.

Start your adventure in the world of Arad today to take advantage of the many events celebrating Dungeon Fighter Online’s Steam launch. The events offer free items, experience boosts, and other buffs which are perfect for any beginning adventurer. Visit Dungeon Fighter Online’s Steam page to join in on the action!




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