If you have played the new sensational mobile title, Pokemon GO, chances are you’ve noticed the steep climb required to level up. In a game where your level dictates the quality of your items and the maximum potential of your fighting force, consistently leveling up is mandatory to remain competitive. Luckily for you, this guide is aimed towards anyone looking for the current FASTEST method to gain experience points.

There is an item in Pokemon GO known as the ‘Lucky Egg’. Upon activating a Lucky Egg, the player will receive double experience points from all sources for 30 minutes.

Pokemon GO - Lucky Egg Description

Players are awarded a Lucky Egg at levels 9 and 14, but they are also available for purchase in the shop at the prices shown below:

Pokemon GO - Lucky Eggs

30 minutes is a relatively short time, so it might be surprisingly to learn that up to 60,000 XP can be obtained in that time interval! The key is simple: evolutions. Normally, by evolving a Pokemon, players will receive 500 XP. Basic mathematics tells us that evolving a Pokemon during a Lucky Egg’s effective period will award 1,000 XP. Approximately 60 evolutions can be finished within 30 minutes, for a grand total of 60,000 XP.

Simple enough, right? Well, not quite. Obtaining enough candies to initiate evolution can be a tedious task in of itself. Heck, just look at Magikarp as an extreme example. A whopping 400 Magikarp candies are required to evolve a SINGLE Magikarp into Gyarados. Thankfully, some Pokemon species only require a relatively small amount of candies to evolve, namely, Caterpie, Weedle, and Pidgey.

Pokemon GO - 12 Candy Evolutions

Evolving from their first form into their second form only requires 12 candies. Even better, those Pokemon are found in an abundance, so chances are you will be able to amass a large supply of their respective candy types.

It’s important to note that they should NOT be evolved into their third form, because that evolution process requires significantly more candies to undergo. If you’re lacking Caterpies, Weedles, and Pidgeys, some suitable (but not quite as efficient) replacements are Rattatas and Oddishes. That’s all! Now go and gain experience like crazy to become the very best!

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