Fans of the Kingdom Hearts franchise have been left in the dark for ages about any signs of a third game to come out for the franchise. That was until the game was announced at E3 2013 which was considered revolutionary for Sony’s press conference.

Although the fans were still left in the dark on details for the upcoming phenomenon. It wasn’t until E3 2016 that the game was given an official release date. Kingdom Hearts 3 is scheduled for release in April of 2017. Leaving many fans who’ve been waiting for years with a sense of excitement. Especially fans in Japan because they’re getting the game some time earlier than the rest of the world.

However the official date hasn’t been specified. Although that may seem like a lot of time to wait for some, Square Enix clearly has their fans covered. In fact they plan on releasing a game called Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD. Which Tetsuya Nomura, the game’s director wants us to focus on while waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3. They’ve made it clear that they are in the final stages of developing the game.  Which is speculated to be a prologue to Kingdom Hearts 3 and should be released soon.


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