wallpaper-14125003062016-1366x768The beta for 2-D sci fi shooter Warside is now available.

Warside is described as primarily a shooter with a classic 2D game mode, but also includes RPG elements. Players will be able to create their own elite soldiers and fight with your Clan in various battles. The main end goal of this multiplayer mode is to gain resources and amass power in the galaxy.

Unique abilities can be unlocked and developed to be used in fights against other players. There are also things called monster hordes, which you can destroy to gain advantage over your enemies. You’ll be able to fly over your enemies’ heads, jump great distances as well as climb up a wall to hide and wait for the best moment to attack. This sounds like it can be very stealthy war combat if you want to to be, something that definitely appeals to me!

Warside’s RPG system is used to develop your equipment and level up, customizing your hero as you see fit. You’ll also have access to a pretty big arsenal, ranging from assault rifles to futuristic launchers- including a wide variety of armour.

There is a huge variety of game modes in Warside too. Stretching from conquering control points in a cavern filled space station, gathering all resources in the ruins of an Imperial City, or even finishing off a horde of killer robots and treacherous bosses in a secret Lab.

Sign up for the beta here.

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