Patch 1.66 for Duelyst is now live. Among a variety of other changes, Patch 1.66 marks the beginning of achievement cards.

Achievement cards, as their name suggests, are obtainable by fulfilling notable qualifications. Achievement cards are fully playable across the various game modes, and will serve as displays of your accomplishments. The first set of achievement cards are known as ‘Seven Sisters’.

Duelyst - Seven Sisters

Do the math (or quickly analyze the provided picture above) and you’ll come to the conclusion that each of the seven factions (including Neutral) within the game will enlist its own Sister. Each Sister will be a Legendary minion card, and are obtained if, and only if, a player has collected three copies of every Faction Rare for the desired Sister’s respective faction. To obtain the Neutral Sister, players will only have to collect three copies of any six Neutral Rares instead.

Duelyst - Seven SIsters Cards

The Sisters’ stats and abilities, courtesy of the Duelyst Patch 1.66 news post, are provided below for your convenience:

Sun Sister Sterope – Lyonar

4/4 – 4 Cost – Whenever a minion of General is healed, put a True Strike into your Action Bar.

Lightning Sister Alkyone – Songhai

3/5 – 4 Cost – Spells that you cast that deal damage deal +1 damage.

Sand Sister Saon – Vetruvian

3/4 – 4 Cost – Your General has +1 Attack.

Shadow Sister Kelaino – Abyssian

2/5 – 4 Cost – Whenever an enemy minion or General takes damage, restore 1 health to your General.

Earth Sister Taygete – Magmar

3/5 – 4 Cost – Whenever this minion takes damage, deal that much damage to all nearby enemies.

Wind Sister Maia – Vanar

4/5 – 4 Cost – Whenever you summon a minion with Infiltrate, it gains +1/+1.

Sworn Sister L’Kian – Neutral

2/4 – 4 Cost – Opening Gambit: Add 2 random cards from your faction to your Action Bar.

Each Sister appears to be incredibly capable, and should serve as suitable rewards for hard earned achievements. Read the Duelyst Patch 1.66 post to read more about the Seven Sisters, and other features such as lore, a referral program, and more!

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