Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 went back to the franchise’s roots in order to focus more on horror and less on over-the-top violence against zombies and monsters. This also applies to its DLC, as the game puts you in some horrible situations meant to terrify you. But one has terrified fans in an unexpected way.

In one of the Banned Footage DLCs you’re put into a very high stakes game of 21 (a.k.a. Blackjack) where hand and life, are on the line in three rounds of card turning horror. The trick here is that instead of a full deck of cards, you have 11 cards going from 1-11, and the goal is to get to 21 without going over. Simple. Except, some players have noted that the AI opponent seems to have more than luck on his side.

By “more than luck”, we mean that the game seems to have the odds stacked in the opponents favor. As players have noted that their opponent has hit a perfect 21 multiple times in a row. Or, when put in a situation to lose, they always seem to come out of it without fear. “I agree, every time the round started the other player used two trump cards that increase my bet by one each.” Steam user Strawbunny notes. “And if he is losing he suddenly has 2 or 3 reduce bet trump cards to use. I understand they think we need a challenge but Jesus at least use RNG.”

Resident Evil 7

You need to win three rounds in a row, but if you don’t, you’re losing a lot more than just your hand. But is the AI cheating? Many other players don’t think so. As they note it all comes down to programming, for AIs just use numbers and programmed paths to get the cards selected, and while it may seem like cheating, it’s honestly random luck.

What have your experiences been in Resident Evil 7’s 21 game mode? Have the odds been in your favor? Or in your opponents? Let us know in the comments below.



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