Mysterium, an award-winning board game about mystery and murder, is coming on iOS, Android, and even Steam


Asmodee Digital, a studio that specializes in digital adaptations of board games, and Libellud, the board game publisher, announced today that Mysterium is coming to digital platforms, and it’s being developed by French studio Playsoft. 


Mysterium will make you tackle a murder case in which you help a ghost who’s searching for the memories of his death. Enter the creepy Warwick Manor and do your best to find some clues, but you can also read into the memories of the ghost, which could give you some leads. Mysterium can actually be played with other people, which means that you can also play as the ghost, and you can only communicate with other players through dreams and visions, which are represented by superbly illustrated cards!


Players who already played the game will also have some things to look forward to, as the digital version of Mysterium comes with exclusive features! The game will star the story of the original psychic at launch, but the story of the other five psychics will come later, for free! If that’s not enough, there’s even an expansion called Hidden Signs that will be an in-app purchase with the release of the game in December.


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