Darkfall: Rise of Agon, that sandbox MMO from Big Picture Games, got a new patch which aims to decrease grinding in the game, alongside some other changes!


Darkfall: Rise of Agon felt like you needed to grind a bit too much, so base stat gains now level 3x faster, and new players also get 500, 000 meditaion points at character creating, which also includes every perviously made character. The rest of the spells were added to the scroll system and that will allow you to level spells normally while using the spell scrolls.

The weapon reach was another thing that was updated with this patch. Now Greataxes and Greatclubs have the same reach as Greatswords. Every melee weapon except the Greatsword had their reach increased by a little, which should make them more viable in PvP battles.
Some minor changes to racial skills were also made, and that includes some minor tweaks and some new skills. All the races received some changes to their racial skills, and some got entirely new skills!


The best way to see the changes made to the races and the weapons is to go and watch the video that Big Picture Games put together to showcase these changes, so you can watch that video down below!




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