Slashy Hero is the first game from Kongregate, which is a leading publisher of mobile and web games, that’s coming to Steam.

The company decided  that they want to reach gamers on multiple platforms, and Steam is the best way to reach PC gamers today.


So, what is Slashy Hero exactly? It’s an action game that sends you on a journey to save Halloween and all of the candy that was stolen by a great Evil. The game really looks and feels like it was designed for mobile platforms, and it was, but it plays just fine on the PC as well.


Also, since it’s Halloween and everything, this is a great game to play at to feel the whole spooky, Halloween atmosphere. Slashy Hero has more than 45 levels for you to go through and 60 distinct costume parts that you can collect.


If you’re a mobile player that’s looking to transfer his progress from the mobile game to the Steam version, don’t worry, Kongregate released a new unified SDK that allows developers to both view consistent metrics across platforms and it allows you to save your game progress, and then use it on any platform. Play on PC or on mobile, your progress will be saved and usable on any platform!



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