Ubisoft have announced two free DLCs for the tactical real-time strategy game Champions of Anteria. The add-ons will expand the game with a new village building and two new champions.

The free “The Alchemist” update is available today, which will deliver the first of the two new Champions, including “Weissle” who can be unlocked through conquering certain areas of the map. Weissle can use the elements water, fire and lightning through “Reagent”, her Special Resource. Players will also receive a blueprint for the new “Foundry of Affinities” building, which will grant access to five access potion recipes once its built.

The second DLC, “The Beastmaster”, will be available on October 25th, which will bring the second champion “Tarn”. This second champion uses his Special Resource “Rage” to harness the elements of metal and nature.

Champions of Anteria brings an immersive experience to players in the magicial fantasy land of Anteria. Players must use the powers of their champions in order to defeat their enemies and reclaim their kingdom once and for all. The vast world is filled with lethal bosses and deceptive environments, which will prove to be a challenge for any level of gamer.

Champions of Anteria is now available on PC.


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