Are you tired of your BattleTag? Eager to get rid of that embarrassing name you chose all those years ago? Or simply just looking for a change?

Blizzard have now revealed on the site that you can change your BattleTag to something new if you desire to do so. Every user will be eligible to choose a new name to represent themselves in the community and in-game. If you decide the new tag isn’t right for you, then fear not. You will be able to change your tag again for free, but keep in mind this is only good for one name change. Altering your BattleTag won’t affect anything in terms of your friends list either. Once you’ve moved on from your dated or possibly cringeworthy old name, your friends list will remain intact.

Previously, Blizzard only allowed one tag change for each account. Now, for the price of £8, the service will allow players to edit their tag again. Please note that players must adhere to the guidlines for the BattleTag Naming Policy. The naming rules are as follows:

  • The BattleTag must be between 3-12 characters long.
  • Accented characters are allowed. Numbers are allowed, but a BattleTag cannot start with a number.
  • Mixed capitals are allowed (ex: ZeRgRuSh).
  • No spaces or symbols are allowed.
  • Must not break the rules established in our in-game and forum violations.



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