Sweden is about to make a big impact on the free-to-play wargaming experience World of Tanks. The game will be opening its ranks to the first Swedish tank with the next update, followed by a further 19 later on this year.
The first tank will be a Tier VI Premium medium tank, equipped with the turret featured on the light series French AMX-13 tank and a drum-type autoloader.

“We already announced the new vehicle branch for further updates, and we’re happy to introduce the first Swedish tank,” said Thaine Lyman, World of Tanks Product Director. “It features pretty good mobility and an oscillating turret with an autoloader, and it is well-suited for levelling up your first Swedish crew and earning some extra credits.”

The latest Upate 9.16 brings a wealth of other changes and improvements, based on player feedback. These changes include higher visual quality enhancements, as well as further quality improvements to sound indication when damage is received.

The team-based MMO action game continues to dedicate itself to bringing an armored warfare experience from the 20th century to players. Engage in some of the most epic tank battles from World War II, with over 450 detailed vehicles to choose from countries such as Great Britain, United States, Germany, Japan and more.


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