Storm King’s Thunder – Sea of Moving Ice is launching later this year on November 8th, and nothing is certain when it comes to the outcome of the world.

Sea of Moving Ice takes Neverwinter’s adventurers on an epic journey to come together to prevent Faerun being turned into ice. The expansion, coming soon to PC, will introduce several new features to the game such as an assault on Svardborg, artefact weaponry, new areas to travel to including an adventuring zone, treasure hunts and a fishing mini game.

Continuing on from where Storm King’s Thunder finished, the Sea of Moving Ice will take players into battle with the giant defences of the Jarl Storvald, who’s plan to decipher the secrets of the Ring of Winter and leave the land in a state of permafrost has nearly come to fruition. Players will take to the seas with their own vessel to gather support, whilst also taking advantage of the new fishing system and hunt for trinkets and relics on a treasure map.

Storm King’s Thunder – Sea of Moving Ice hits PC on November 8th. Neverwinter is a free-to-play MMORPG based in the Dungeons and Dragons universe, and is also available on both Xbox One and PS4.


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