WG Labs will be publishing their latest game, Hybrid Wars, later this month on September 29th. Get ready to catch up on some 90’s nostalgia in classic top-down shooter form, featuring open-world maps and alternating mechs, spanning across 8 different locations for you to explore. Hybrid Wars gives players three diverse mercenaries across 150 objectives, as the future only favours those with the quickest wits and the biggest guns.

Playing as three original characters: Alex Carter, Ivan and Jason Wood (depending on which edition of the game you purchase), each come with their own unique and special abilities. Carter for example, is a military specialist with a personal med drone which can be used to save a soldier’s life, whilst former mercenary Ivan is a mech specialist and Jason is a cybernetically enhanced super-soldier with a support drone to collect and transport resources. Both single and multiplayer game modes will be available, with multiplayer co-op being the first to be introduced. Up to four players can connect and battle at any time on any map, with free iterations of multiplayer to follow soon after.

At release, Hybrid Wars will be available in a Standard Edition, and a Deluxe Edition which will include all three heroes and an art book filled with concept art from the game. Both editions will release on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


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