Grim Dawn is the spiritual successor of Titan Quest, so it’s an amazing ARPG that you should play. The developers, Crate Entertainmentare also quite awesome. They have this Grim Misadventures which are news and updates about the game, but they are also funny as hell.


Well, the hundredth one is here. The first one was posted 4 years ago! Yeah, time sure does fly. It had some weird and quirky World Editor humor, but it was an enjoyable read. Looking back at how many of these there are, you can notice how much the game itself and the developers matured. Now in 2016, the game officially launched and it even sold more than 500 000 copies! The team already did one content update and they have also announced the Survival Mode DLC that is known as the Crucible.


After that, the developers are looking to introduce new high-level unique items for you to hunt down. A new rogue-like dungeon will also be coming, with a brand new Aetherial-infested city for you to explore. It will feature new lore and new challenges and bosses that are as difficult as the Steps of Torment and the Bastion of Chaos.

Even if all that isn’t quite enough, there is still a full expansion in the works, which will continue the story of Grim Dawn through a new and exciting act!


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